Conductor's strength lies in years of experience working for different industries in the fields of electrical engineering and instrumentation. We provide installations for the wood processing, chemistry and metallurgic industries. Our work involves everything from full-package solutions (where we take responsibility for engineering, installation, testing and commissioning) to daily service calls carried out by our professional employees. We also do instrument calibration on pressure and temperature equipment.


One of our biggest clients is the Borregaard biorefinery in Sarpsborg. Our employees are always working on projects at Borregaard based on a framework agreement or individualized assignments. One of our biggest projects is the new heating furnace that will allow Borregaard to replace oil with LNG as its source of fuel and the new anaerobic treatment plant designed to treat emissions entering the Glomma River. More recently we have been involved in replacing the electrical mains and control system on the spray-dryer and chlorine factory, as well as carrying out work for Siemens AS on their new line driver and rolling mill. We did this work in a very short period of time that required extensive and thorough preparations. We have a lot of experience in this kind of work. We needed about 40 installers for these jobs.