About us

Conductor AS

Conductor AS is a reliable supplier for all types of electrical engineering services. Our employees have many years of experience in the fields of electrical engineering and instrumentation. They know what quality and punctuality mean to our customers.

Our company was founded in 2007. We are based in Sarpsborg. We are a part of the Stenungsund process engineering and control group (Sweden) that has minor ownership interests in our company (established in 1970).

Conductor AS is an accredited supplier: Sellihca. Our company is also registered as a supplier with StartBANK. We are re-certified ever year. Conductor has framework agreements with many customers, and we are proud of their trust. It is proof of our credibility and expertise.

The name «Conductor» is taken from English and means carrier of electricity and maestro. We want to remain a trade leader.

Our biggest customers come from industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Our business concept

Conductor AS aims to be a different kind of electrical engineering company in which our human resources and expertise are our most important commodity. Whatever we do, we will be the best at doing it. The expertise of our employees grows with the level of quality and complexity of the installations and solutions we offer. This allows us to expand our range of services and provide our employees with a creative and inspiring working environment. Developing human resources in the future will always be an important area of commitment for us Conductor.

Environment, Health and Safety are extremely important areas of commitment for our company, our employees and our customers. We publish a quality assurance manual that allows us to maintain good routines for the technical aspect of what we do and helps us correct errors along the way. Our quality assurance manual includes many systems that help our people do their work in the best way possible.

Our core business philosophy: Quality is made by people.